To Promote Expository Preaching

Vision: to promote a Biblical Theology as seen in Scripture, and to edify and equip the church with the Biblical knowledge to strive for unity and growth in the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph 4:12-16).

Mission: Ps Lucas is planning and preparing to preach through the Gospel of Mark. And Ps Johann will continue to preach through the book of Acts.

To Study the Bible

Vision: to effectively study the Bible and to be molded by it (Acts 17:11; 1 Peter 3:15).

Mission: We plan to study through the Gospel of John, Tony Payne’s “Six Steps to Reading your Bible,” Kevin DeYoung’s “Taking God at His Word,” and additional Books of the Bible.

To Train up Leaders

Vision: Church Leadership is important, and in order for us to effectively serve the body, we need to train up leaders – men who have godly convictions and a desire to serve Christ and His bride (Heb 13:7).

Mission: train them using Ps Lucas’ leadership manual which refers to resources such as Jerry Wragg’s “Exemplary Spiritual Leadership”, Donald Whitney “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life”, and Colin Marshall & Tony Payne “Trellis & the Vine.” Once these individuals show their proven worth, we will prayerfully present them to the church in order to start the process of implementing them in the ministry.

To Promote Family Worship

Vision: We believe that family worship is of most importance, therefore, families need to be equipped so that they can help one another grow in the Lord (2 Tim 1:5). We aim to do so through one or two retreats throughout the year, by preaching on family matters, teaching the children these truths in Sunday School, and by exhorting families to take part in worship and church activities together (2 Tim 3:14-17).

Mission: to faithfully preach on these topics from the pulpit, at Sunday school, and Youth group.

To Promote Biblical Counselling

Vision: We hold to a high view of Scripture and therefore reject psychology as a means of counselling sinful issues.

Mission: we aim to be available to counselling anyone in every situation. We will provide marriage, family, and individual counsel for the purpose of building one another up in the Lord and to admonish them (Colossians 3:16).