Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Communion with God is a two-way relationship to be enjoyed on the basis of the one-way, God-given gift of union with Christ. Now we know that sin is the problem in our relationship with God. It ruins everything. We are naturally hostile toward our good Creator, but for the Christian, if Jesus has dealt with our sin and will not hold it against us, how can it be a problem for our everyday relationship with God?

Often we live as though God still holds our sin against us. We imagine that He withdraws His presence and our joy in a vengeful way when we sin, distancing Himself until we have suffered enough to atone for our wrongs. The gospel says this isn’t true.

As Christians, we are united to Christ, in His death and also in His presence in Heaven right now. He represents us in Heaven simply by being there for us having finished His saving work. This means that we cannot be in closer relationship with God than we already are. Union with Christ is a one-way gift. His Father is our Father, the triune love of God that is poured out for
each person of the Trinity is now poured out to us.

The issue is that our communion with God — our enjoyment of this relationship — is not one-way, it is two-way. So we cannot remove ourselves from that relationship, but we can neglect it. A son who refuses to spend time with his father is no less a son than his brother who enjoys goofing around with his dad, but his enjoyment of the relationship is significantly diminished by his neglect. So it is for us with God. Union with Christ grants opportunities to enjoy God. We can consciously draw near and relate to Father, Son, and Spirit in distinct ways.