The New Testament never leads us to expect that there will be any fulfillment of the Old Testament promises other than their fulfillment in Christ. For example, we are not encouraged to look for their fulfillment in the State of Israel and to expect a new temple to be built there. Some may disagree, yet Scripture is clear as that is the idea of the present kingdom.

See, when Jesus arrives, we understand that all of the Old Testament promises are fulfilled in Him — though they are not always literal fulfillments of the prophecies. However, the present kingdom does show us that

  • God’s People are in Christ. Jesus is the true Adam and the true Israel. In Adam, all die, but in Christ, all have life, whether they have ethnic ties to Abraham or not (Mat. 21:43).
  • God’s Place is in Christ. Instead of an earthly tabernacle or temple, Jesus is the true Temple, the place where we may enter perfectly into God’s presence.
  • God’s Rule and Blessing is in Christ. Jesus is the covenant-making, prophesied King and source of God’s blessing for all who believe in Him. He did this through dying on the cross and rising from the dead.

In fact, this is how the Four Gospels give us perspectives on the story of Jesus:
• Matthew gives us Jesus, the prophesied Christ.
• Mark points to Jesus, the suffering servant.
• Luke pictures Jesus as the Savior of all who would call on Him.
• John emphasizes Jesus as the Son of God, who gives eternal