This is a day that should remind us of the “hope that is laid up” for us (Col 1:5). It should comfort us with the reality that Jesus will return. So how can we understand its value?

It is Truly Finished.

First, the Ascension of Jesus Christ show us that the earthly work necessary for our salvation is finished. That means that everything which is needed for Christ to rescue, and redeem us has been accomplished. There’s nothing more Jesus needs to do to make us the sons and daughters of God.

Therefore, the Ascension should remind us that if there’s nothing left for Christ to do to accomplish our salvation. Salvation is complete with the finished work of the ascended Christ. This is good news!

He Still Works.

Another reason the Ascension of Christ is important, is His continued work. 1 John 2:1 says: “we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ the righteous one.” Christ, as our advocate, mediator, and high priest pleads our case before God. The comfort is, the case Christ presents is based on His perfect life and His sacrifice.

The Spirit is within Us.

The ascended Christ sent the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God indwells us and is with us forever. As our helper, He guides us into all truth (John 16:13). He is our permanent and guiding helper. Without the Ascension of Christ, there’s no indwelling Spirit inside of us.

A True Forever Home.

The Ascension of Christ points us to where we’ll spend eternity. We’ll spend it with Christ in heaven. The ascension of Christ directs us to what that’ll look like, where we will be, and with who we will be.


The Ascension Day is an important day, not just on the Christian calendar, but for the life of the believer. Because of Christ’s Ascension, the Holy Spirit has taken up residence inside of you, standing before God and pleading your case is Jesus Christ, and one day – you will be with the ascended Christ in heaven.