Before the pandemic, we complained about a fast-paced lifestyle that made it difficult for us to have family devotion. However, even in the midst of this pandemic, we found other means of busy and still managed to avoid the discipline of family devotion. So the question is, can we do it? Can we manage ongoing devotion in the home in the midst of busy?

A time of devotion can go from 10 minutes to an hour, it all depends on your interaction as a family during a given occasion. After a full day, it looks like this: sitting on the same bed or in the living room, or around the table – reading a psalm – taking each others prayer requests – and praying together.

On an ‘easy day’, you might have the time to prepare something to discuss, perhaps as a family you can read through a book of the Bible (longer portions on easier days), and even sing together. Whether you have an easy day or a full day, praying together is vital! It is important for the marriage relationship, the parent-child relationship, and for the family collectively.

It needs to become a pattern in the home. I know many family routines are in the midst of upheaval right now. Sports practices are canceled. School was online, and back to classes. But in the midst of so many regular activities ending, there are new opportunities to connect with one another as a family.

There’s no better time to start family devotions together. Pick a time; breakfast, after supper. There are a lot of options right now. Whether you have younger or older children, whether it feels uncomfortable in the beginning, start by reading a psalm and praying together. Or use one of the devotionals below to help guide you.

If you have younger children, establish these routines into your home in the early years. It’s worth it! Your children will come to the table expecting family devotions because they’ve been doing it since they were young.

If you’re looking for ideas to help, here are some resources, just click the name and it will take you to the resource. Don’t wait, begin today!

Big Picture Bible Crafts by Gail Schoonmaker

New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp

Long Story Short – Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski

Old Story New – Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski

Daily Light (These daily readings of Scripture were originally compiled by Samuel Bagster in the mid-1800s, Crossway offers these online for free.)