2 Peter 1:3, ” His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.

God loves Christian growth and has provided the means of Scripture, prayer, and the local church as a means for Christian maturity. The Lord has given us these means to grow in our gladness in Him. This practice of grace includes Scripture reading, study, meditation, and memorization, as well as corporate and private prayer, journaling, and silence and solitude.

So perhaps it is vital that we look at these graces, starting with Scripture memorization. Memorizing Scripture is something all Christians know they should do more but are often stuck on how to best accomplish this worthwhile goal. Practical tips for achieving better Scripture memorization are:
1) Diversify Your Picks
Memorize a verse, or a book, or a section of Scripture and apply it in prayer. A key aspect here is to use verses, passages, or books within your normal reading plan. In this way, memorization is not an “extra” thing to do, but flows naturally from what you are already doing.

2) Take it with You During the Day
Use a notebook, your phone, or sticky note. The key is to make the verse, book, or passage you are memorizing readily available to you throughout your day so that you can continually expose yourself to it. With more exposure to Scripture, you increase your retention rate.

3) Seek to Understand, Feel, and Apply the Text as You Memorize
Scripture memorization is for holiness. Therefore, as you seek to memorize Scripture in its context, the goal is to apply it to
your life in order to grow in Christlikeness and enjoyment of God. Therefore, praying these words help us not only grow in God’s grace, but we understand it better. 

4) Memorize in Light of the Gospel
Ultimately, any Bible verse, passage, or book memorized has its chief goal as the glory of God in the finished work of Christ. We must always remember that Scripture memory doesn’t save people; only the finished work of Christ saves people. Therefore, these truths are to remind us of the work that Jesus has done, is doing, and will do!