How do we Pray? Prayer is essentially an expression of our dependence on God. Therefore, to pray is an admission and an expression of our dependence. Self-assured people rarely pray, as they are confident in their abilities and wisdom. They see no need to pray. Instead of confessing their sin and their neediness before God, self-righteous people believe they are good enough to earn their way with God.

However, the person who knows their heart before God, who is aware of their need of forgiveness, prays! They bow their knees. This physical posture is a reflection of the spiritual posture. In bowing his knees, Paul was acknowledging his dependency before the Lord. For most of us, dependent prayer is not our default position!

This can be seen in how most church attendees approach the Sunday worship service. Most people rush off to church and rush into the building just in time for the singing to start. When the service is over, most people rush off
to Sunday lunch. Few people approach corporate worship with a mindset of dependency. Few take time before worship or after worship to stop and pray that God would work in their lives through praise and preaching.

Therefore, rather than trusting in our own abilities and wisdom, rather than trusting in our own righteousness before God, we must bow our knees. This doesn’t mean we have to physically kneel everytime we pray, but the posture of our hearts need to reflect our dependence on the Lord alone!