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The following sermon was prepared by Ps Lucas Stoltz this week for your edification and uplifting.

Click here: Mark 10:32-34, to download or stream the audio sermon, or click here: Mark 10:32-34, for the video feed, and follow the notes below. May the Lord speak into your hearts as you worship.


Mark 10:32-34, His Suffering, Our Salvation:

  • Over the recent past weeks, we looked at the problem of man’s idea about salvation! Now what we have learned is, in order to be saved, one must come to the understanding of certain Biblical truths! Salvation doesn’t just fall out of the sky, it doesn’t come through some mystical knowledge, nor is it earned by good works or by having a special status!
  • So what then? Well, Salvation can be spoken of as a jewel, because no matter which way it is turned. It glows with the beauty of what God has done, is doing, and will do!


  • But one can only share this understanding when we realise that God alone is good! And that only Jesus Christ can save us! As Acts 4:12 says, “there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.
  • This is what we’ll see here again! Our focus is on Jesus’ third and final predication of His death. What does this have to do with our salvation? Well if Jesus doesn’t die, there is no perfect sacrifice. There is no way, or door, to the Father!


  • But His death is not enough… He has to be resurrected! There has to be an overcoming of the death and entering the presence of God. So, as we continue to track through the theme of salvation, we’ll look at the road of predicted physical suffering:


  1. His Suffering:
  • Text – 10:32-34
  • Explanation – They were headed for Jerusalem and the disciples were aware of what lay ahead for Jesus, and possibly for them as well. Especially when we refer back to Mark 8:31. For this reason, they were both “amazed” and “afraid.”
  • But wow, they still followed him. And His words here are more descriptive than ever before as Jesus was aware of the great suffering that he would endure in the very near future. He was committed to doing God’s will. He was committed to denying himself. He was committed to taking up his cross and dying for sinners.


  • Illustration – We can put it this way: Jesus was firm in taking up His cross because He was sure of securing treasure in heaven. He was assured of all this because He was sure of His resurrection. Because without the resurrection, the road of following Jesus would lead nowhere.
  • Paul made this clear when he said that if Jesus did not rise from the dead then our faith is vain and we who trust him are to be pitied (1 Corinthians 15:12–19).


  • How should we understand this? If we come to Jesus in humble dependence, and yet he did not rise from the dead, then we are fools who’ll die with no hope of a future.
  • Yet, Jesus was born to be the Savior, and that required death. This is the heart of Scripture, of the gospel! That the salvation of sinners comes through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ! Jesus knew this and therefore, “He began to tell them what was going to happen to Him.


  • Application – And to their amazement, He walks ahead of everyone towards the destination of His suffering! When it comes to humility and suffering, Jesus does not only teach: he leads the way. Yet, the disciples lag behind “astonished” and “afraid.” These are not novel reactions. The fear of the disciples provides an occasion for Jesus to teach “them what was going to happen to him.”
  • Maybe they need this in order to learn the way of the Christ. Therefore, the disciples face a moment of truth when they realize that their fate is entangled in Jesus’ fate.


  • Conclusion – So turn to verse 33 as we look at His suffering! The Son of man will be delivered – this refers to His betrayal! Psalm 41:9, describes Judas as being His friend with whom He broke bread. Jesus knew the horrible pain of betrayal from a man in whose presence He had performed divine miracles for three years.
  • Judas had seen everything about His character and the virtue of His life, and still only wanted power and money from Jesus. And at the end, he hang himself in shame.


  • Next, Jesus suffers through rejection. His rejection comes by the least expected, the chief priests and the scribes. This is the whole group. These would be the elite among the elite. Together they reject their Messiah. How far do they go? They condemn Him to death.
  • So the sinless One, is betrayed, then rejected, and then condemned to death. More so, Jesus knew the coming sufferings in detail, and He suffered long before He actually suffered.


  • I mean just hear the words in Isaiah 53; Jesus is described as ugly, despised, rejected, sorrowful, grieved, smitten by God, afflicted, wounded, bruised, chastened, whipped, alone, oppressed, afflicted, silent, killed, buried, put to grief, in travail of soul, numbered with transgressors, poured out His soul to death, and He bore sin.


  • This is what Scripture foretells. In fact, go to the next verse in Mark. Jesus will be handed over to the Gentiles, they’ll mock Him and spit on Him and scourge Him. 1 Peter 2:23 says, “Through all of this, He never retaliated!” Jho, the Lord is truly slow to anger!
  • These are hateful gestures. The scourging in itself was often considered a death-sentence within itself. They would use a three-thonged whip with bits of rough glass, bone, or metal in the end of the whip! This cause chunks of skin to be ripped off!


  • Bridge – Yet, we look at that and think it is the worst. However, all that He suffered in the context of being hated and rejected, was minor to final point where we see the words of Jesus as He cries, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
  • So how does Jesus suffering in order to provide for our salvation? Complete rejection! And yet, His suffering was personally planned by God, as recorded in the Old Testament. He knew every bit of it and thus He lived in the anticipation of all this agony long before He ever experienced it.


  • But the story doesn’t end there as verse 34 reads, “And three days later, He will rise again.” And He did! He died exactly the way He said He would die, with exactly the details that would attend His death, and He rose exactly the way He said He would rise, in exactly the time He said He would rise. Which brings us to…

  1. Our Salvation:
  • Text – 10:32-34
  • Explanation – Jesus rose which should give us the confidence, that if our hope is truly in Him, we are co-heirs. And because He rose, we, like him, must face life with a firm confidence about our future hope. The road we are on as we follow Jesus leads to glory, and it is sustained by grace as we go!
  • But, we only come on this journey when we embrace what Jesus has done! When we confess our unrighteousness and when we look to Him alone for this saving, only then do we come alongside Him.


  • Illustration – Then we get to track on the path that leads to the promised new heaven and new earth, where sin and sickness and sorrow will be no more. And where we as believers share in the equality of our new family!


  • Application – we need to learn to be submissive to Him as our Lord! We must be committed to leaving everything if we want to truly want to follow Him. Why? Jesus gave everything physically. He offers himself as a substitute!
  • And this makes Him worth far more than all we could ever cling to. Therefore, by dying on the cross, Jesus became a substitute for all who will trust Him! More so, Jesus lived a perfectly sinless life so that He could suffer God’s wrath for sinners like us.


  • Conclusion – And by doing so God is justified in forgiving the sins of everyone who trusts in Jesus Christ alone. And we can trust Him, as His resurrection from the dead proves that He is God’s appointed and accepted Saviour of the world.


  • Bridge – But that leaves us with the confrontation of the truth, will we humble ourselves and trust Jesus Christ for eternal salvation?



  • Listen, we would be complete fools to deny the Son of God. To deny the one who came to save His people from their sins. Christ came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. That we may have salvation in Him.
  • Therefore, dear brother or sister, look to Him in your doubt or uncertainty. Seek His face in your confusion or distress, call on His name & He will hear you!


  • And for you listening with curiosity, the message you heard today is all about Jesus as our purpose is all for Jesus. Consider these truths, work through them and be open for the Lord to work in you! Bow your knee before Him that He may raise you!
  • Because one day He will break the knee of all who rejected Him and there won’t be any opportunities to repent then, it’ll be too late!