Hebrews 10:24, “…let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works…

Christian encouragement helps stirs us on, especially when we have this worrying sense that we’ve lost some excitement about being a Christian. For example, consider the following encounter:

‘A Christian friend is very excited. they have seen God do something, perhaps miraculous! They are so excited and bouncy and their energy is almost contagious. But almost… because deep down you have a sense of resistance and you wonder; did that really happen?’

Why does this happen? Have we fallen out of love with Jesus? No, I believe external influence has helped us create false standard of joy and intimacy, and when we don’t feel these in our Christian walk – we doubt! Therefore, we should continue pursing God and we should put off uncertainty.

But if we are to pursue God, especially within this world, we must recognize that our way of life is not neutral. Many of our habits and practices “prime us for unbelief and doubt.” So, we must embrace different stories, the testimonies of others. Yet, God leads us on the path He preservers, and Christian disciplines, such as prayer, Scripture reading, and fasting, should be our way of life; they should be habits that allow us to live out this reality.