God’s Sovereignty and Our Responsibility: Colossians 3:15-17

The sovereignty of God and man’s responsibility are not antithetical to one another. We are responsible for all our actions and will be held accountable for our sins. A great example of this truth is seen in the Garden of Eden. As God is sovereign, He instructs man to work the ground and to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. Being in control, God has given man a responsibility.

But for a moment, the thought of God’s sovereignty was absent, and man disobeyed. Yet, the knowledge of the sovereignty of God is meant to move us to prayer. His sovereignty along with His wisdom and prayer is the foundation of our trust in Him. God works in our lives through various means and oftentimes it is through prayer. Prayer is the expression of our trust in Him. It is our acknowledgment of God’s sovereignty and our dependence on Him.

There is no conflict between His sovereignty and our responsibility. We must hold equally to both, doing our duty according to Scripture, and trusting our Sovereign God as He works in and through us. As Jerry Bridges once said, “Prayer assumes the sovereignty of God. If God is not sovereign, we have no assurance that He is able to answer our prayers.”