God Rules over the nation(s)

God is sovereign over all rulers, governments, and nations. He is the Author of all history, shaping events and decisions to fulfill His purposes. At times it may not seem like it, but God works through the decisions and actions of our rulers, even the ones who have no intention of serving God’s purposes, as  Paul puts it in Ephesians 1:11, ‘in conformity with the purpose of His will.’ Therefore, we should trust God especially in these difficult circumstances because we know He is sovereign over the nations. Nothing happens in history apart from His will.

We should always put our trust in God and not in the decision-making powers of politicians, government officials, and even supreme courts. God surely uses them, but they are not our source of strength & wisdom. This means, whether your neighbor is successfully back at work earning a full paycheck, or whether the government has kept you from work entirely; God rules over each of those situations and has already finalized the outcome. 

Dear friend, God is sovereign over the nations, over the officials of our own government, over the officials of countries where our brothers and sisters in Christ suffer for their faith in Him. Therefore, we can and must trust God. Therefore, prayer is the most tangible expression of our trust in God.