If God is truly in control, why does God allow miscarriage, a lost job, a car accident, a lengthy illness, heartache, etc? When we look through our circumstances with eyes of faith, we can see that God has great love for His people. He does not allow any circumstance that is not for the good of His elect. He permits only that which He has purposed.

We cannot always see His hand moving through history and in our lives, but we can be assured of His love and care for us as He works all things for the good of those who love Him (Rom. 8:28). Our God is a sovereign God who works through nations, through rulers and kings, through nature, and even through the lockdown of majority of the world.

This is why we can trust that His people do not suffer without purpose. God is conforming us into His image, and as we learn to look to trust Him in all things, we value His sovereignty and His goodness. Therefore, let us be aware of His love, knowing that He always wills what is best for us. And in His sovereignty, His power always brings all things to their fulfillment. 

Our trials sicken our hearts with anxiety, frustration, heartache, and grief. And in the midst of such pain, our natural inclination is to ask, “Where is God in all of this?” Can we really trust God when adversity strikes? Can you trust God? It is not easy to trust Him in times of adversity and oftentimes we fail to see His hand in our circumstances. We want an easy fix!

Friend, by failing to trust God, we doubt His sovereignty and question His goodness. We criticize His majesty and His character. Yet, Scripture teaches us three essential truths about God:

• He is completely sovereign.
• He is infinite in wisdom.
• He is perfect in love.

Therefore, all things, whether good or bad, are under His divine control. We can be certain that our Father has a loving purpose for each one of us. His sovereignty is not exercised recklessly, but in His love and wisdom, it
is exercised for our good. Nothing He has purposed is outside His concern for our care and His glory!

Let us pray that the Lord will comfort our hearts, and stir us to worship – despite our troubles and lack of faith in Him.