African Pastors Conference is back in Limpopo! And this year’s theme was Preaching Salvation!

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Session 1: Why and from what do we need to be saved? Ps Nico Van Zyl. Session 1, 2018

Session 2: How are we saved? Ps Sechaba Legoete. Session 2

Session 3: Preaching the great truths of substitution, propitiation, & atonement. Ps Nico Van Zyl. Session 3, 2018

Session 4: Union with Christ. Ps Sechaba Legoete.

Session 5: Thinking Christianly. Ps Nico Van Zyl.

Session 6: Working out our Salvation. Ps Sechaba Legoete.

Session 7: The status of a Christian. Ps Nico Van Zyl.

Session 8: The ability & necessity to fight against Satan. Ps Sechaba Legoete.

Session 9: The completion of salvation. Ps Nico Van Zyl.